July 19, 2024
Medical Devices

CT Scan Test


Computed tomography is generally known as a CT scan. A CT scan is a diagnostic imaging system that applies an arrangement of X-rays and computer technology to generate imagery within the body. It explains the comprehensive images of some parts of the body; contain the bones, muscles, fat, organs, and blood vessels.

CT scans are more complete than normal X-rays. As usual, the X-ray is intended for the body part individual medical test. A shield at the back of the body part detains the difference of the energy ray after it overtakes the skin, bone, muscle, and other tissues. Whereas a great deal of information data can be achieved from a regular X-ray, a lot of detail about inside organs and other compositions is not presented in X-rays.

In CT, the X-ray beam travels in a circle in the region of the body. This permits much different examination of the same organ or structure and presents much greater detail. The X-ray information is sent to a computer that reads the X-ray facts and shows it in two-dimensional shape on a screen. Newer technology and computer software make three-dimensional images achievable.

CT scans may be carried out to help analyze tumors, explore inner bleeding, or make sure for other internal wounds or damage. CT can also be utilized for a tissue or fluid biopsy.

Risks of a CT scan:

If you are pregnant or believe you may be pregnant, you should inform the Doctor.

The number of rays measured used in a CT scan is small. You may desire to request your doctor regarding the quantity of radiation used throughout the CT procedure and the threat associated with your particular condition.

If you are claustrophobic or are likely to develop into upset easily, tell your doctor in advance of time. You may be recommended a kind sedative to take before the procedure to make it easier.

Difference between CT scan and X-ray:

CT ScanX-Ray
Generate 3D ImagesGenerate 2D Images
The most common and broadly accessibleUsed primary to observe bones and to identify cancers and soft tissues
More powerful and accurate than X-raysCapture a 360-degree image
Capture a 360 degree imageUse radiation to generate images