December 7, 2023

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How to gain weight in a healthy way?


If you want to gain weight, kindly follow these tips:

Drink extra calories in low-fat milk, soy milk, or fruit juices to gain weight. Drinks should not be consumed with food if they make you feel too full afterward.

Increase portions gradually. Add an extra spoonful or two of food to your plate whenever you can serve yourself to gradually up your intake. The majority of individuals eat what they are given, which frequently works better than attempting to consume a full second helping.

Boost the fat content of your vegetables. Use olive oil vinaigrette on your salad and top it with almonds, seeds, avocado, or olives to gain weight in a healthy way.

To cut calories, choose whole grains. A healthy, filling snack is a cereal with milk or soy milk on top. When you pick up a box of cereal, it should feel heavy for its size because the highest-calorie cereals are dense and substantial.