May 20, 2024
Medical Science

What is the Function of body hair?


There is a specific function of body hair depending on the area of the body. Some important functions of body hair on different parts of the body are:

They provide protection against the cold and sun on the head.

Hair on the head enhances the beauty of an individual.

Hair control body temperature.

Hair protects our body from harmful agents.

They stop water from running down the brows and into the eyes.

Hair and wax in the ears provide a barrier against bacteria, tiny insects, and dirt particles.

The hairs in the nose operate as a natural filter to keep dust particles out of the respiratory system. This explains the formation of the infamous “booger” on the outside of the nose.

Eyelashes are defending the eyes.

In women, they serve as the vaginal canal’s first line of defense against toxins that may inadvertently cause infections or illnesses. They no longer serve any purpose for males, yet in the past, they provided protection from the cold.

The hair under the arms shields the skin from friction caused by the arms and body.

Many experts think that the hairs we have on our arms, legs, back, and other body parts are simply a holdover from our more hairy ancestors.